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Breakthrough: What is Your Dead End Driver? (Part 3)
January 4, 2021
Breakthrough: What is Your Dead End Driver? (Part 3) Getting stuck is often due to something within us. Yes, there will be certain types of circumstances which we need to face, but deep within us, something keeps spinning us around and around, turning the wheels, and never experiencing change. Find out what those could be in this episode.
Breakthrough: Dead End Drivers (Part 3)
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When people desire breakthrough, it is typically because they have one or more of the seven symptoms of “stuck.” We looked at those seven symptoms in our earlier episode.

Today, we will explore possible causes of that “stuck” feeling: things we do or thoughts we think that lead us to the place called “stuck.”

Because we feel like we are going nowhere, these causes are Dead End Drivers.

There’s some behavior that is driving us into these dead ends. Whether we are aware of these behaviors or patterns, they are like tiny misguided engines that have taken us down the path to where we are now. Our wheels are just turning and the engine keeps revving along.

Here are a few common Dead End Drivers:

All of them stem from a life that puts ourselves above God.

Determination is normally good when meant as perseverance. But when someone is “overdetermined,” they are prone to blockage. Have you ever insisted on your way, your outcome, even when it runs counter to God’s priorities and commands? That overdetermination can lead being stuck and a need for breakthrough.

Despair is believing your situation is greater than God’s sovereignty. It means to disobey his call for us to have hope and joy and to lose sight of God’s truth for us.

Deceit refers to the self-deception that springs from our own heart.

Denial is remaining oblivious to a problem by denying there is a problem.

Deification means elevating a goal, outcome, or person above God.

Doing too much – busyness for its own sake or because of poor priorities – can leave you stuck in one place. And exhausted, too.

Doubt is being uncertain, maybe fearful, of a next step, decision, or of God, himself.

The list of stumbling blocks isn’t exhaustive.

Each of these need an examination of your own heart. This step of examination can hopefully lead to revelation into how we may be creating our own state of stuck.

It is then that we can experience God’s breakthrough.

But what happens next?

Tomorrow, I will share some actual steps you can take once you have identified the blockers in your life. These steps pry open the space that gives God an opportunity to break through.


  1. Based on the devotional, which of the Dead End Drivers might be operating in your life?
  2. When you read the Scriptures for today’s plan, what comes to mind?

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