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Breakthrough: Naming Your Stuck (Part 2)
January 3, 2021
Breakthrough: Naming Your Stuck (Part 2) will help you to actually “name” the kind of stuck you have. That sounds strange, to name that kind of stuck you are in, right? But, actually, too many people go through life without really understanding how they are stuck, the “flavor” of “stuck” they are in, so to speak, so never really begin to invite God’s power to breakthrough. In this episode, you’ll find out how.
Breakthrough: How to Name Your Stuck so You Can Breakthrough (Part 2)
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If you are feeling stuck right now, you probably want to jump immediately to what the breakthrough solution may be.

However, it actually might be more important to understand your current state than trying to escape it. After all, being stuck doesn’t put you in sudden, impending danger. 

It’s usually a condition that has been brewing at a low-simmer for a period of time – one worthy of grasping.

In today’s podcast, we will try to name the nature of our “State of Stuck.”

Do you relate to any of these seven symptoms below?

The above are different flavors of being stuck. Naming the feeling or nuances that you resonate with can help you understand how to engage with God to experience breakthrough.

Seven signs of stuck. Don’t gloss over this. Name the specifics of your situation so you can move on.

Then ask yourself...what role do you  play in getting here?



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